Infrared Deep Sky

NIR High Resolution Astrophotography


WB89-171 (Wouterloot+Brand 1989) - Infra-Red source - The nebula in infrared light (685nm-1100nm) - Constellation Cepheus

For comparison, the Sh2-140 nebula in visible light

  Parameters -
  Detector -
  Filters -
  Optics -
  Mount -
 ASI 290MM-C
 Baader IR-Pass Filter 685nm
 Homemade Newton 320/1500 Truss Telescope
 Homemade English Yoke Mount

Visible and Infrared light - comparison

Ref. DSS (400nm-600nm)

WB89-171 DSS

Ref. PanSTARRS DR1 (400nm-1000nm)

WB89-171 PanSTARRS DR1

Ref. 2MASS (1230nm-2160nm)

WB89-171 2MASS